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Nile River Cruises

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Nile River Cruises



Nile River Cruises

Nile River Cruises Egypt

Fascinating Nile River Cruises

Egypt: home of the Pharaohs and one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. You will find that one of the many Nile River cruises that you can take will offer you a unique glimpse into the amazing history of Egypt, as well as a relaxing trip down the beautiful Nile River. These Nile River cruises are the best choices to enable you to visit all of the most important places in Egypt, and you can float down the Nile River in comfort as you stop to see all of the amazing historical landmarks. There are many places that you must see when traveling on these Nile River cruises, and the following destinations will be the most important ones offered by most Nile River cruises:


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Cairo

  • Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, and is a curious combination of a modern metropolis and a historic city. Take the time to walk around the city and enjoy the many unique sights, sounds, and smells offered by Cairo, and be certain to try some of the strong Egyptian coffee. Visit the oldest step pyramid in the world, the necropolis at Sakkara. The Citadel of Saladin is an important historical landmark in Egypt, as is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. The Museum of Egyptian Antiques in Cairo has a massive collection of artifacts gathered from all over Egypt, particularly the amazing splendor of the collection of King Tutankhamen. The Khan el-Khalili is one of the most colorful outdoor bazaars that you will find in the world, and is a great place to shop for trinkets or simply enjoy a traditional Egyptian meal.


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Pyramids of Giza

  • Giza is home to the Great Pyramids of Cheops, Kephren, and Mykerinus, the only wonders of the ancient world that are still standing to this day. While you cannot sail to these pyramids, most Nile River cruises will offer you the chance to visit these monuments by camel. Here you can visit the beautiful pyramids to take pictures, or you can stop at the Great Sphinx and see the amazing monument to human creativity and persistence. 


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Luxor

  • Luxor, the city that was once known by the name Thebes, is the city where you will board your Nile River cruises. Here you will be able to explore the Valley of the Kings, as well as the temple dedicated to one of the only female rulers of Egypt, Hatshepsut. The temple dedicated to Ramses III, Medinet Habu, is one of the most complex structures in Egypt, with hieroglyphics all over the walls of the peristyle hall. The buried temples of Karnak and Luxor are another experience that you can't miss, as the temples contain insights into the lives of those who once populated ancient Egpyt.


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Dendera Temple

  • The complex of the Dendera Temple is only a balloon ride away from your Nile River cruises boats, and you can explore the massive temple, attempt to read the hieroglyphics on the wall, and see one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt.


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Edfu

  • Edfu is the next destination for Nile River cruises, and here you will see the massive Temple of Horus. This temple was built as a monument for the god Horus, the falcon-headed deity who held such importance to the Ptolemaic Dynasty kings.


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Kom Ombo

  • Kom Ombo holds a temple dedicated to Horus and Sobek both, the latter god being the deity of fertility who Egyptians thought were responsible for the creation of the world.


Nile River Cruises Highlights: Aswan

  • Aswan is home to the Philae Temple to Isis, one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can visit on Nile River cruises. The Aswan High Dam is another excellent place to visit with Nile River cruises, or you can take a ride down the Nile River on a traditional Egyptian sailboat.
  • Most Nile River cruises offer a tour of the Kasr Ibrim Fortress, one of the last of the Nubian monuments still standing today. The Nubian Temple at Amada is another amazing structure, and here you can see some of the many colorful historical paintings.
  • Wadi el Seboua is offered by most Nile River cruises as a destination, and here you can visit the Valley of Lions, the avenue guarded by sphinxes. The Temple of Dakka is dedicated to Thoth, and the Temple of Meharakka is a Greco-Roman temple that you must visit. 


Nile River Cruises

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